It had been a stressful day of Christmas shopping. My patience had plum run out.
Two women were fighting over a really bad windbreaker and I decided to throw in the towel. I turned to leave and saw this.....
I laughed like a twelve year old.

Location:Old Navy, Riverside Mall December, 2011


Location:Ogden, UT March 2012

Richie Mo Powder Face

Location:Park City, UT, March 2012


2736 N. Southport

Chicago, Illinois  2007

"Richie Mo" 6th in a series

On the Utah /Wyoming state line.  July 2007

Park City at Night

July 2007

Kimball Art Center

Park City, Utah  July 2007

"Richie Mo" 5th in a series

Richard Modjeski, Park City, UT March 2008


"Richie Mo" 4th in a series

Vending at Comiskey Park, early 90's



Monhegan Island, ME

Mid Sunday morning...mid 90's.

Richie Mo 3rd in a series

Early 90's.... Rich was vending at Chicago ball parks. I had access to a digital SLR for the first time so I took it to a game and ended up following Rich around the park. It was an Olympus with a fixed zoom...I was quite impressed with it.

First SLR

Chicago Il, Early Spring,Early 80's

Early Photoshop Project

An aquarium in a dark room.. Built with Photoshop 5 or something of that sort at the SAIC


"Richie Mo" 2nd in a series

Rich in repose, Split level, Orland Park, IL, early 2000's. For background on this series see the "It Came Out of the Desert" post.


Have a nice day

Swimsuit calendar, Malibu, CA

For McNaughton Development

Staircase, Hinsdale, IL


"It Came Out of the Desert" 2002

Allow me to introduce "Richie Mo" to the blog. I met Rich Modjeski in 1967 in Sister Mildred Eileen's Second Grade Class at Most Holy Redeemer Grammar School in Evergreen Park, Il. Modjeski, a known crayon eater, would get a trimming from the sisters when he was found with wax on his teeth. But, like a junior "Cool Hand Luke" you couldn't keep him down, he would be right back... leaning back on his seat.... head in the clouds...savoring a beloved Binney & Smith.....only to suffer again, Sister Mildred Eileen's flying fists of fury. They never broke him.....You gotta like a spirit like that. My life would intersect with Rich's many times over the following decades and a camera was always nearby. Rich's father built a darkroom in the basement of their house and Rich and I tried to teach ourselves how to use it. Our early attempts at making pictures did not go so well, it wasn't until we learned more about the camera and basic photographic skills that we produced anything worth keeping. Over the years I have assembled a large quantity of work featuring my old friend...you shoot what is at hand, and Rich was always at hand. As I look back over this quantity of work I realize that "it stands up". The images taken across the years, through the ups and downs, have a lot of power. Rich was and remains a great photographer and a photographic subject...he is as unique as they come. I have thought that one day my "Richie Mo" collection might make a good photographic book. Over the next couple of weeks I intend to post selected images from this series. They will appear out of context and outside of any chronological order. I will attach a couple of captions to each one. Many of these images have appeared in public display and I have been fortunate to get a lot of feedback on them. That being said; if you have an impression, please do not hesitate to share it with me. "It Came Out of the Desert" was created for an early digital manipulation class I took at the SAIC in Chicago in 2002. To make this image I used elements of Rich and his goalie mask, a picture I made of Monument Valley, UT, and the Presidential Marine helicopters as they were landing at the White House. I have chosen to post this photograph as a way of introducing a re-occuring series to the blog. A comment from my friend Heidi Zersen caused me to revisit these images recently...Thanks, Heidi



I was hired to photograph a new paint that glows in the dark. Primary applications are; paints, safety products, and additional professional and consumer applications. I was stunned by the visual impact of this product and more than a little challenged by the task of capturing it's effects in a photograph.

And after.....

For information on this ground breaking product send me an e-mail and I will see that the reps get it.

Run oft to Los Angeles

 Andrea McHugh.  February 2006, Oak Park, IL. 


The new logo

This logo "prototype" was developed in conjunction with Matt Greif and I thank him for the assistance. Matt is available for consultation on any graphics projects you may have. Drop me an e-mail for his contact information.


Rolfe Ross, Delray Beach, Florida 2/06

The celebrated Rolfe Ross, Photographer/Artist. Rolfe's work can be seen at: http://rolferossphotographs.blogspot.com.... Do yourself a favor and go there. Better yet, go to.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/rolferossphotographs/

Baton Girl, Delray Beach Florida 02/06

The second week of February, 2006, on a perfect South Florida evening.



Welcome to the blog. I will be posting fresh images on this site from time to time...stay tuned...